Myths–T.O.O. Throne of Olympus

The Andros and Alexo families are the only descendant line to the Olympus higher gods. Their bloodlines go on from Zeus and Hera’s offspring and the offspring of their offspring. The Andros and Alexo families were also the only descendant families accepted by the gods and the only descendant families allowed to rule on The Throne of Olympus.
The peacock was Hera’s sacred bird. She was gifted a beautiful plume of feathers said to have been from a rare, ancient peacock fledgling. Later, she passed it on to her children and it continued down to the Alexo family.
Post Zeus’ many affairs and Hera’s wrath, Zeus declared a new Olympus law that no man could refuse his chosen one in matters of her heart. He also gifted his queen with a stone chunk of his throne after striking it down the middle. This was his way of acknowledging her as his partner and he had another throne built big enough for them to share. That throne became the Throne of Olympus.
Argus was the very first demigod (half-mortal/half-god) son of Zeus, a humble man, who cared about everyone even the gods who shunned him and his kind. He took in the shunned offspring of the gods and taught them a new language that only they could understand in order to communicate amongst each other excluding the gods in their conversations and grievances; this became known as the language of Argus. But the secret language was not the only secret Argus held. Argus had great power, a strength and power unbeknownst to him until the day the gods made him watch the execution of his sons by their Ravager Shadow beast. The power ignited within his chest, turning his hurt and pain into a blind fury as he ravaged the Ravager Shadow beast to a mass of bloody chunks. Argus became a prisoner of Olympus for many years. He begged the God of Gods to end his life, but the God of Gods took pity on him and put him in a deep slumber until the day of retribution comes when Zeus’ descendants can right the wrong done by him and the other gods.
The Anastogus family and an unknown family are the last descendant line to Argus.
The Unworthy are the shunned descendants of the gods, and the descendants and followers of the demigod Argus—offspring of Zeus and the mortal woman Niobe. The Unworthy were continuously shunned and mistreated by the gods. Once it was discovered some of them shared the special powers of their godly ancestors, they were declared unworthy by the Olympians and threatened with imprisonment and a most torturous death if they spoke the language of Argus or used their powers. This sparked the Unworthy to begin an allegiance to Argus, spanning throughout regions to rise up and carry out revenge on Zeus’ descendants and to take the throne from them. The feud between the descendants has been ongoing for centuries giving little way to a truce and the Unworthy have been planning Argus awakening for just as long.
Once it was discovered what Zeus and the other Olympus gods did to Argus and the hybrids, Zeus was ordered to clean up his mess. When he failed to put an end to the chaos caused by him and the other gods, they were banished and put to rest along with Argus. Therefore, Zeus’ descendants were ordered to carry out this task, a task that the descendants have yet to accomplish.


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