Fantasy Realms–Throne of Olympus (TOO) Series


This one was easy. Lower Earth is simply earth as we know it.


Where Hades and Persephone rule. This realm is complete with all things dark, except what Persephone came in and changed. Smoky odors pervade the dark caverns down here along with bats, flowers, pomegranate crackers, the stares of gawker-filled tombs of those sentenced for punishment and a fire-lit torture chamber, echoing screams from its victims. More of Under Earth, Hades’ and Persephone’s back story in Battle for the Throne, book two in the TOO series. The Under Earth realm is probably my favorite one so far. I’m a bit morbid like that! And this was my favorite one to create…still adding more to it for book two and the YA spin-off series.


A hidden sphere inside Lower Earth. This realm is inhabited mainly by Impartials (See Character Bio’s page). In the middle of this realm sits an ancient Greek agora, turned street market with lively energy, where inhabitants and other realm visitors buy and trade goods. There are food sample stands (think your grocer’s Saturday setup, but outside), flower and produce huts and a fabric and jewelry cabana. Restaurants and one of the local bars/watering hole aptly named The Watering Hole for cocktails and other beverages.


The mountain Zeus and the other Olympus gods and goddesses once ruled on. This realm is the most beautiful of the realms. With features definitely fit for the Queen Goddess and king descendant of the gods. The caverns in this realm are much brighter than Under Earth of course. The royal quarters are massive and swank with lots of shiny and metallic detail…modern, but still semi-ancient feel. The Olympus garden is a dream for gardeners and farmers filled with rows of vegetation, fruit trees, flowers and animals and insects that don’t destroy any of the crops. And the Olympus garden would not be complete without The Golden Oak.


Space above Olympus and equivalent to the Elysian Fields. This realm I enjoyed thinking about. I gave no real description of it in book one, mainly because the premise behind the Elysian Fields is one of heaven-like attributes for the blessed after their life is done. This is for the readers to imagine whatever they perceive as heaven or heaven-like.



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