Fan Page–Throne of Olympus (TOO) Series


Hello, FANS of TOO, House of Wilcox, House of Andros, House of Anastogus, House of Hades, the Unworthy, Olympus, Olympus Directorate, God of Gods, Under Earth, Inner Realm and Lower Earth. Thanks for all the love, support, messages and well wishes for TOO. You guys are AWESOME and this is for you…

a peek at the first title in the YA/Teen spin off series that will feature the teens from TOO:

Cover reveal and summary coming soon!

Don’t forget to leave comments, ask/answer questions, tell me your favorite characters from TOO Throne of Olympus series.

The asterisk by a question denotes required reading of TOO in order to answer correctly. Some questions can be answered simply by reading through, Character Bio’s, Myths and Fantasy Realms sections of this blog.

Which two houses are enemies? a.) House of Wilcox b.) House of Andros c.) House of Anastogus d.) House of Hades

Who are the inhabitants of Inner Realm?

Who are the Directorate members?

*What town in Wisconsin is the main character Lena from?

Check back for more updates!


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