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Well, it has certainly been a journey the last year alone. As an author, I am proud beyond words, ever so grateful to my followers and fans and the reception Throne of Olympus has managed to bring in. The paperback version of TOO has skyrocketed in sales the past few weeks. Dribbled a little coffee from the mouth when I saw the stats. Thanx so much for that guys! Thanx to TOO’s newer fans, who have been leaving me wonderful messages and feedback. Last and definitely not least, the online promo teams that help spread the word about TOO on their sites and with various tweets and shout-outs throughout the year because every bit helps. Thanx! 

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I embrace you all and will think of you when I write more for the series and the YA spin off series.

The Throne of Olympus Book One, Blood Bond

A beautiful stranger crosses paths with two descendant families of Zeus, reigniting the feud of the millennium between them. Twenty-two-year-old Lena Wilcox, unknowingly, begins to alter all of their paths. The Unworthy, born of the blood from Zeus and the mortal Niobe’s first-born, demigod son Argus, will do anything to steal Zeus’ throne. Their plans are thwarted and soon they meet their match when Lena is thrust into the life of Gabriel Andros, who is next in line for the throne. Only a relentless battle of skill and wit will ensure the throne’s rightful possession in this epic fantasy, as Greek myth clashes in this modern-day twist of a tale.

Who will sit on the throne after the thunder settles? Click here—> Help us celebrate with a free copy from Amazon today!

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Throne of Olympus Book Two, Battle for the Throne


“I stare up into the night sky missing my new-old life. I miss my friend Queen Persephone, the laughter of our sons as they play and Persephone’s spunky, fourteen-year-old daughter Darkonia. And Hades, too. They’ve become family to us.

“Strangely, I miss Olympus and Under Earth equally, but how I’ve missed Wisconsin. The seemingly newness of the world I am from has been thrust back upon us and we are born again.

“Two years…two years of our lives have been achingly replaced with memories we never experienced. Whatever deal that was made to send us back to Lower Earth had better be worth it in the end. 

“Cloudy and withdrawn, I fight my way back to a simpler time and place—when I first met my king. Yes, even that was easier to digest than what we have been through since.

“As I glance, confused, through the family photo albums…albums that I did not fill, seeing the happiest of times our family shared, my heart sinks into a void. My king, my husband made the decision for us both. I’m sure he had his reasons, and I’m sure he thought they would comfort me. He was wrong. No matter what his reasons—there is no comfort in missing out on two years of Linx’s, and our twins Gavros’s and Gabriella’s lives.

“The one most wonderful, heart-warming thing about all of this is that Gaby is here. We never lost her. On the other hand, the Unworthy are probably still lurking around. Kaleb’s probably still plotting against us as he lays in the healing room of Olympus and his father and brother are probably no longer in the House Of Hades. My breaths hasten as I wonder what will happen next…”

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Book One from the YA spin off series (title TBA soon)

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