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Rare Newborn Zonkey in Good Health

Writing breaks suck! There is no other way to sum it up. The choice to break from social media to heal was helpful, but forcing myself to break from writing was torture. The inner writing demons are not happy. Here are some things I learned:

1. Boredom can lead to cross-breeding, creating zonkeys. The genius behind this is a real zack-ass.

2. Benders are overrated. Except coffee ones.

3. Windows 8 hates me.

4. There are so many more types of Solitaire computer games (Pyramid, Tri Peaks, Klondike). Love them all.

5. Rocky movies never get old. I imagine The Expendables won’t get old either. Sly still has it!

6. Sky Cloud makes me picture my data in the sky on a cloud every time I see the phrase.

7. Low Winter Sun is one of the coolest titles for a cable series.

8. Ray Donovan is one of the best show’s this year (it’s right up there with squeezable grape jelly).

9. Commercials look more like movie trailers these days.

10. Clearly, I watched too much t.v.

11. If you fudge your age, eventually you will have to do the math.

12. There was too much time on my hands for me to make a list like this.

So happy to be back!