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Moms come in every fashion. The “Badass Mom” takes  her role in stride, effortlessly raising her brood. She takes problems as they come, knocking them out the park like a major league baseball hitter. She’s a “rebel” with or without a cause and “NO” is not an option when it comes to making a life for her family.

The “Nice Mom” scolds in her gentle tone, but effectively gets things done. This mom can soothe a rabid animal and her brood at the same time. She’s tender and her kindness is sometimes mistaken for weakness, but when crossed…she leaves her mark.

There is a Goddess in every mom. She is marvelous. She is exceptionally powerful and strong. She stands tall (even if she’s not quite 5 ft.) and proud of her fruits. She can give a look that says it all. She wields the world in one palm and can smash it in the other palm when it comes to protecting her babes. She is smart and wise in unimaginable ways. Her strength pummels through, pain, hardships and tragedies all while keeping her wits about herself and sometimes she does it with a smile. We stand in awe of our moms. They are our idols.


Wedding Day for Mom and Dad
She’s the STRONGEST MOM I know!