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Photo Credit: http://ladywoodelf2.deviantart.com/

Moms Are Goddesses!
Moms—>   Open our hearts to receive.
Moms—>   Devote to their family.
Moms—>   Delight us all our lives.
Moms—>   Enchant and teach us to
———->    Survive a world so vivid and true.
Moms—>   Strengthen us and
———->    Enlighten us too. Her love is
———->    Sacred and modest.
There should be no doubt…a Mom is a Goddess and she so deserves the clout.

Thanks for stopping by Realm Play to help me honor moms!

Feel free to share words and notes in honor of moms in the comment box and I will post it. I will be sharing more special posts and guest posts now through Sunday dedicated to Moms.

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