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I would like to welcome and thank my guest today, Melanie Selemidis @Melpomuse for sharing her beautiful poem “Melusina” about a Mermother’s fear for her daughter–in honor of Mother’s Day and the “Moms Are Goddesses TOO” weekend.

Photo Credit: http://www.mermaidsrock.net


Melusina in the long silvery grey dress
down to her bare toes on the old tiled floor
stands at the kitchen sink inhaling her exasperation
silver streaked black hair hair trailing down her back
feels like a mess
longs for the sea’s caress
hands in soapy water
feeling like she’s failing
looking out the window
overlooking the water
worried for her daughter
smelling of brine and desperation
she thinks to herself
I want to be free
to return to the sea
to return to me
I will not let myself be caught
in a fisherman’s net


Happy Mother’s Day!