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Who remembers plopping on the floor in front of the television watching Creature Feature on a Saturday night?

Creature Feature was a weekly broadcast of old classic horror movies on various U.S. stations. Those were the ultimate horror movies for me growing up in Chicago. Thinking about childhood Saturdays makes me feel closer to home, the house I grew up in, family and old friends—Bela Lugosi or Christopher Lee as Dracula, Boris Karloff as Frankenstein, Lon Chaney as the Wolfman, the Blob…many others. Who could forget Vincent Price? I remember the excitement vividly, looking forward to Creature Feature and cheese pizza from the corner pizzeria.

I was allowed to watch the old, classic horror movies because the gore factor was minimal and only being four or five helped. Once I curled my body in a nicely tucked ball, sleep fell upon me before the first thirty minutes into the movie. There was an element of macabre that swam through my veins, turning me into a huge horror movie fan early on. Which later, I began to learn that morbid undertones runs in the family.

The grotesque phases of today’s horror genre still attract me, but shake me to my very core. I LOVE IT! There’s nothing like chills and goosebumps with fast-pumping adrenaline when watching a scary flick.  After seeing Friday the 13th when I was eleven, there would be no more sleeping on my back and to this day, my bed isn’t on rails (box spring sits on floor). For those of you that have seen the first one, you’ll know the scene that decided that factor for me.

TCM runs some of my old faves…but I will be adding the classic horror movies to my personal library soon. First up will be Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, comedic and spooky with Bela Lugosi. Cheese pizza on thin crust and grape pop (soda) will be on the menu.

Who remembers Creature Feature or a similar program blasting the classic horrors?

Photo Credit: http://carlborne.deviantart.com