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New excerpts from The Throne of Olympus Book One: Blood Bond.

Book One  Cover 003


Sophia had Lena on complete bed rest. She spent more than a week in the room trying to heal with an endless itch from her prickly stitches. She would stare at them in the mirror, constantly thinking about the night she helped Gaby fight off Lomax.

She also worried about Linx. Would he be the same loving, playful child by the time this was all over? Or was he on his way to becoming some unrecognizable, spiky haired, sugar hyped delinquent? She shuddered at the thought.

Gabriel’s behavior made her feel uncomfortable and unwelcome, prompting her to hide out in the bedroom. All of this drove her crazy. Lena would sneak out of her room late at night once everyone was asleep to stretch her legs and to take her mind off of her complicated situation.

So far, she’d only seen the study, the kitchen, foyer, the guestroom Linx slept in, and the other guestroom she occupied. On one of her nightly walks she discovered another part of the house that had been locked away. She grew more curious of the strangers and of the house. “Who are they?” she mumbled.

With piqued interest, Lena set out to peruse the secret area of their home. She came across a pair of golden doors with fancy gold handles. She had no idea what she was looking for, but for some reason there was a strong drawing, a pulling in the pit of her stomach, like she had been there before. Lena reached for the handles and just as her hands rested upon them, she felt a light zing.

The energy absorbed her. Her body shook. She quickly let go and backed away from the doors, slamming smack into Gabriel. When she looked at his face, his eyes were focused and haunting. He looked like a predator that had just cornered its prey.

“What are you doing out here? You shouldn’t be in this part of the house!”

She had to think of something to say…fast. “I—” Lena’s throat cut off the rest of her words. She swallowed hard. “Sorry, I got turned around.”

Gabriel escorted her back to her room. He didn’t speak. He didn’t look in her direction. The dead silence around them was creepy. The air reeked of suspicion. Lena closed and locked the bedroom door. She was spooked. They were obviously hiding something…something they didn’t want her to see. Her mind burned with thoughts of mystery and dark secrets. Secrets made her uncomfortable, but she couldn’t help herself. She needed to find out what they were hiding.

Lena never thought they would hurt Linx or her because they had been so kind and nurturing. After all, Sophia cleaned and stitched her side. Gabriel helped and comforted her that night. Gaby waited on her and Linx hand and foot. She also hung out in the room with Lena when she wasn’t sleeping off the pain medication or resting. Linx was a big fan of Gaby’s, too. What if it was all an act? she pondered. “No, you’re being silly,” she mumbled, settling in the bed.

There was no way she could sleep that night. The thought of what was beyond those golden doors gnawed at her mind. She waited a while before ducking out of the room to peek in on Linx. She cautiously roamed back to the mystery doors with a plan to flee the house if she found anything alarming.

With a click of her penlight, she took a deep breath, closed
her eyes, and grabbed the door’s handles with force. Lena held on, waiting to be zinged again. This time there was no zing. There was nothing—and even more nothing when she flicked on the lights only to see a huge ballroom filled with tables and stacked chairs off to the side. She sighed in relief. 

     The center of the room drew her in. She took a few steps forward, planting her feet on the floor. Lena glanced up at the windows. She drew a sharp breath. She remembered that room. She remembered the beautiful purple and gold stained-glass windows. She also remembered a room full of guests.

Lena had attended a party there with the Wilcoxes years ago. She danced with Richard in that very same spot during the Father-Daughter dance of the evening. Lena smiled as the flood of memories came charging back. She closed her eyes and did a quick whirl, pretending she was dancing with Richard again.

She stopped, hurried from the room, and closed the doors, but she forgot to turn the lights off. Gabriel was close by hiding in the shadows. He stepped inside the ballroom catching a whiff of her fragrance.

Lena worriedly climbed under her covers. What if they know about the Wilcoxes and me? she wondered. She wanted to tell Gaby that she had been in their home before. That would mean breaking Hannah’s confidence. Lena couldn’t do that. She kept quiet and kept her secrets.

The next morning, she overheard Gabriel and Gaby
whispering in the hall. He was still upset about catching
Lena roaming through the house. “‘She’s not one to pry.’ Isn’t
that what you told us?”
“Gabe, calm down. What happened?”
“Just keep your houseguest in her room! If she snoops again, I
won’t be inclined to show her the courtesy I showed her last night.”


Book Two: BATTLE FOR THE THRONE will be released this year. I will have excerpts from the new book coming soon!