What does the indie community think of authors jumping the indie ship to cruise aboard the traditional one? Curious. Some buddies and I were discussing making the jump. All hypothetical, but questions were asked. Could we be comfortable after calling ourselves indies and totally supporting indie writers? Would others think us traitors? Would we lose a fair amount of fans? Would we be shunned by the indie community? Again, all hypothetical.

My thoughts on the subject focus on what’s right for that individual. For me, I never set out to be an indie…it just happened and I’m grateful for every bit of indie love, support and the fans. To answer the question: Would I sign with a traditional publisher? If the contract was right…You betcha! But if I was, say a best-selling indie author with a heavy fan base, why fix something that’s not broken?

As far as the indie community, I believe strongly that they would continue their efforts of support because for a writer to get published is a huge accomplishment—CreateSpace or Random House. And that’s just the indie spirit, to support other authors. Period. Not to mention, isn’t exposure, sales and fans what most of us strive for or want on some level after seeing our hard work come to fruition?

I get the loyalty part. I’m pretty darn loyal in life, but loyal don’t always mean smart. And if a reputable publisher offered a sweet contract that would more than rival the sales of an indie author’s current margin, I can’t see the author turning it down. If said indie authors exists, let them throw the first stones. Would love to hear their views. Going traditional doesn’t make an indie a traitor, sometimes it just makes them brand smart.

What would you do?