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What keeps indie writers going? What keeps any writer going for that matter? The driving force behind one is no more or less important than the force behind the other one.

For some it’s “champagne wishes and caviar dreams” that keeps them going. Visions of best-sellerdom and fame plague their thoughts often (no judging here). For some it’s a lifelong dream/goal to accomplish. And for others, some simply have no choice but to keep going because they’ve quit their jobs, downsized their lifestyle and it is now what they live for—the unwavering pursuit of becoming an author. Writing is a decision based on need…the need to voice and feel raw, pure emotion, or to make money, no matter the genre.

From what I have seen in the last year, indie writers have to be gluttons for punishment after all they must endure. They crave feedback (the good, the bad and the ugly). They experience criticism, that inevitable taunt and gut punch from book reviewers, bloggers and yes, friends and family at times with a judge-y, disapproving glare.

Luckily, writers can take the punches and recover by treading onward and upward on their quest. They take punches in the same spirit an aspiring actor or musician continues to do—by showing up for audition after audition, hoping, but also believing their big break will happen with the next one…the next book they write. They take the sting of salt-in-wound and rub it in until it stings no more. They cry and fall to their knees in private, cursing the decision to write in the first place. And then they get up, stand tall and begin the clacking of keys all over, churning out page after page again.

Indie writers may be gluttons for punishment, but they’re my HEROES!