Splurge on this version of hot cocoa for the holidays!

For servings follow instructions on box, bag, or can of cocoa. You can also use Swiss Miss or any other brand of instant cocoa you like. Do not add salt to instant cocoa mix.
*Unsweetened cocoa powder
*Pinch of salt (per cup serving)
*Caramel sauce or melt down Kraft caramels (to your liking)
*Chocolate sauce or melt your favorite fine chocolate bar
*Peppermint (striped kind) coarse-crushed, not fine, enough for cocoa and to sprinkle on top of whipped cream
*Whipped cream (Redi-Whip is fine)

"Lava Cocoa from the book. Recipe on Throne of Olympus website throneof olympus.com.

Put cocoa powder in cup and add salt. (Remember, do not add salt to instant cocoa). Make cocoa (use milk or ½ milk/½ water, or heavy whipping cream/½ water).
Add some crushed peppermint to hot cocoa, stir. Spoon caramel sauce in hot cocoa, stir. Spiral velvety layers of whipped cream over cocoa, drizzle chocolate and then caramel sauce on top of cream, sprinkle peppermint all over whipped cream and ENJOY! This recipe taste good hot or blended cold.