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Thanks for stopping by my author’s fan/follower blog. I am indie author A.M. Day. Some of you already follow my other blog on WordPress–A Novel Perspective. Thanks! For those new to my blogs, Realm Play is where I will share all things A.M. Day…well not all things. A girl’s gotta have some secrets. But here is where as an author, I will be honored to share info about the realms I enjoy and have enjoyed creating, my books and series, upcoming projects, the journey so far and posts from other guest fantasy authors. This blog will not shoot out a regular post schedule because it is mainly for you guys to visit for updates, to view sample writings for upcoming books and to learn more about the fantasy realms and those to come as I peel back more layers. For regular blog post, check back at:

Check out the fan page for comments and feedback. I will check it regularly, so if you just want to stop by and say hi or ask questions, please do so.

Be sure to click on the Follow The Throne link to check out excerpts and other tidbits about my debut novel The Throne of Olympus Book One: Blood Bond.

With deepest gratitude,

~A.M. Day


2 thoughts on “The Blog”

  1. Hi A.M. Day,
    I was just wondering when Battle for the Thrones was coming out, since I fell absolutely in Love with your first book. I think you were amazing at writing that book, please do more. So, when you can, please reply ASAP. Thanks!

  2. Hi, Lexie,

    Thanx so much for sharing the love for Throne of Olympus! I love hearing from my TOO fans. Bonus: I am releasing two books next year. Battle for the Throne is scheduled for a late spring release and the YA spin off from TOO (title TBA soon) will be released shortly after, featuring the teens of TOO.

    Check out the Fan Page here in January to see more updates.

    Thanx again,

    ~ A.M. Day

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